Khasab is the gateway to the Fjords of Arabia, a narrow inlet of water that is flanked by steep, stark limestone cliffs on both sides. Born and chiselled by underwater volcanoes thousands of years ago, the best way to view the dramatic fjords is to enjoy leisure cruise onboard a wooden dhow or catamaran.

Khasab Office Activities :
Our Key activities are agency services to various vessels such as Fast Ferries, Cruise Vessels and Bulk Vessels (Loading Limestone). Paper Documentation for Clearance etc from local authorities, permit of 'Coastal License' issued by Ministry of Transport & Communication (MoTC).

Our Key Contact :

 Mr.Manthira Murthy Arunachalam
 Mobile N0 :
00968 99207092


 Our Office Address
  P.O.Box:307, Khasab-811,
Musandam, Sultanate of Oman.
Telephone: +968 267 315 36 / 37
Fax: +968 267 315 35


Details Loading of Bulk Limestone Musandam Anchorage