Port Duqm, Sultanate of Oman


The Port of Duqm of strategic projects, task, and consists of two breakwater with length is (8.7) kilometers and commercial berths long is (2250 meters) and depth (18 meters) and berths to government & services long is (980 meters) and depth (10 meters), is expected to be completed Marine of the port at the end of 2012. As being in the same time, create a dry dock in the port for maintenance and repair of ships of various sizes, including vessels of oil and gas giant which has a capacity to (600,000 tons), where project consists of the dry basins length is (410 meters) each and every one of them and display (95) m and ( 80) meters high (14 meters) and depth (10 meters) and length of berths (2,800) meters, in addition to the creation of buildings, workshops and service facilities required for operation.

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