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Port Shannah & Masirah Island
Shannah is the mainland connecting Masirah Island. There are landing crafts plying between Shannah and Masirah.
Port Halaniyat Islands
Halaniyat Islands, formerly known as Quriya Muriya Islands situated south of Oman.

Port Hasik
Hasik is situated about 200 kms north east of Salalah. Hasik port will be developed to accommodate Fast Ferries to ply from Hasik to Halaniyat Island and Ashuwaimiyah.

Port Ashuwaimiyah
Ashuwaimiyah situated north east of Salalah with small fisheries port. Future plans are to expand the port to accommodate the Fast Ferries to ply between Ashuwaimiyah, Hasik and Halaniyat Island.




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